• Zōsui (Rice Soup)

    Crab Meat & Egg Rice Soup

    Crab Meat Rice Soup is actually a delicacy as it is supposed to be cooked with Crab that is not cheap. However, you can cook it easily and quickly using Canned Crab Meat. Such a simple rice soup is something I occasionally crave, particularly on a cold day OR when I don’t feel well. Makes …

  • Dips & Spreads Other Seafood

    Crab Meat & Cream Cheese Dip

    Last several days, I have been thinking of what I should make with a can of Crab Meat. I bought it to make ‘Crab Omelette Rice Bowl’. I always make the same thing with it. I wanted to make something suitable for the festive season, then I made this Dip. It is almost as good …

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Egg Other Seafood

    Crab Omelette Rice Bowl

    I used to use Imitation Crab Meat (aka Crab Sticks) for this dish. Imitation Crab Meat is made of white fish paste, starch, sugar, egg whites and crab flavouring. These days I don’t use Imitation Crab Meat for cooking because I can’t find any good quality ones where I live, but you can use it …