• Fish

    Grilled Salmon & Mixed Grains With Edamame

    My ‘Grilled Salmon & Watercress Mazegohan‘, one of my popular ‘Mazegohan’ dishes, can be made with Shiso leaves instead of Watercress. It is so aromatic and delicious. This is a crunchy and chewy Mixed Grains version of the dish. I added Edamame for extra crunchiness. Enjoy it with a refreshing salad of your choice. Makes …

  • Cooking Rice

    Cooking Mixed Grains

    I love this ‘Mixed Grains’. It’s mostly Medium Grain Brown Rice, which is mixed with Wild Rice, Barley and Quinoa. You can make your own mix by adding whatever grains you love. Even a small type of beans such as Azuki can be added. However you must be aware of the cooking time of the …