Archive for February 12th, 2016

  • Cold Sweets Matcha

    Matcha Bavarois with White Chocolate

    ‘Bavarois’ is a creamy jelly dessert. When Matcha is mixed with milk, cream, white chocolate or sweetened condensed milk, the Matcha flavour becomes so mellow with its distinctive bitterness. I finally started liking Matcha after having hated it for many years. This ‘Matcha Bavarois’ is not too sweet, so it would be nice to be …

  • Chicken Donburi (Rice Bowl)

    Chicken Soboro Don

    Chicken ‘Soboro’ (Crumbled Meat) is easy to cook and it doesn’t take much time at all. Cover freshly cooked rice with this ‘Chicken Soboro’ and other food in different colours, make it beautiful and nutritious. This is also perfect for ‘Bento Lunch’. Half fill the lunch container with cooked rice, then cover and decorate with …

  • Vegetables

    Braised Bamboo Shoots

    ‘Menma’ is made from fermented Bamboo Shoots and it is a very popular topping for Ramen Noodle Soups. However, it is tricky to make ‘Menma’ at home as it involves drying and fermentation processes. But this ‘Braised Bamboo Shoots’ tastes quite similar to ‘Menma’ and it is so easy to make. Use Canned Bamboo Shoots …