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  • Chicken Rice Burger

    Rice Burger with Teriyaki Chicken

    Last night I cooked Teriyaki Chicken for my son’s Bento Lunch. Today I made Rice Burgers for my lunch using leftover Teriyaki Chicken. Do you know Japanese mayonnaise and Teriyaki sauce are a good match? I sometimes use Japanese mayonnaise as a sauce like this dish Oven Baked Teriyaki Chicken. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients Cooked …

  • Fish Spaghetti & Pasta

    Sardines & Rocket Spaghetti

    Sardines are healthier and more sustainable fish. Sardines are rich in numerous nutrients. They are one of the most concentrated sources of the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12. Why don’t we eat them more? Tinned Sardines are easy to use. This is one of my favourite …

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Pork

    Buta Don

    ‘Buta’ means ‘Pig’ or ‘Pork’. This Donburi (Rice Bowl) dish is originated in Hokkaido, the northern island of Japan. You can add some vegetables such as Onions and Carrot, but ‘Buta Don’ most commonly consists of a bowl of rice topped with just Pork slices. You might like the sauce sweeter than this recipe. Please …