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    ‘Ohitashi’ Marinated Spinach & Nori

    There are two very popular Japanese dishes of Spinach. ‘Goma-ae’ is probably the most popular one, and the other one is ‘Ohitashi’, marinated in dashi-base sauce. Many people enjoy it with ‘Katsuobushi’ as a topping. I like it without ‘Katsuobushi’. I often mix Wakame seaweed with Spinach but Toasted Nori is also very nice. Try …

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    Scallops Enoki Takikomigohan

    I am very fond of ‘Takikomigohan’ which is seasoned rice cooked with vegetables, mushrooms, seafood or chicken. As you can find quite a few recipes of ‘Takikomigohan’ on this site, I cook them often. Here is another one. I always use less-expensive frozen small scallops for this dish, but large good quality ones are just …

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    Sashimi ‘Zuké’ Don

    In Australia, less expensive off-cut meat is widely available. In Japan, you can find less expensive off-cut Sashimi. I used to make this ‘Zuké’ Don using those off-cuts. If you can purchase Sashimi quality fresh fish, why don’t you try this deliciously marinated fish on rice. This time, I used Salmon. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients …