Archive for May 29th, 2018

  • Beef Shirataki & Itokonnyaku

    Sweet Soy Flavoured Itokonnyaku and Beef

    Do you know ‘Sukiyaki’? Thinly sliced beef cooked with vegetables in a sweet soy flavoured sauce is known as ‘Sukiyaki’. This dish is almost the extract of my favourite bits from ‘Sukiyaki’. Beef, Ito-Konnyaku (or Shirataki) and Onion are cooked in a sweet soy flavoured sauce with fresh ginger is delicious with freshly cooked rice. …

  • Fruit Sweets

    Hot Fruit Salad

    This is one of our family’s favourite Winter desserts. I learned it from my husband’s mother many years ago. It’s absolutely quick and easy, and if you have a frying pan, you can make it. I always stock canned peaches in my pantry, so that I can make this dessert anytime. Everyone gets excited once …

  • Cold Sweets

    Basic Bavarois with Mixed Berry Sauce

    When I want to use up leftover Egg Yolks, I often make custard desserts. This is one of them. Some recipes say we should cook the Egg Yolks with Milk, but I don’t cook. Because the hot Milk will cook the Egg Yolk. This Basic Bavarois is best to serve with fresh berries or berry …