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  • Beef Pork

    IKEA-inspired Meatballs

    I like visiting IKEA stores. And I like IKEA’s meatballs. They taste different from the meatballs I make. One day I wondered how they make the meatballs. I looked at the IKEA website, and found that the ingredients are Meat (Beef & Pork), Onion, Breadcrumbs, Egg, Water, Salt and Pepper. They are very basic ingredients …

  • Vegetables

    Ginger Tsukudani

    I use fresh Ginger for cooking very often. I love its hot & spicy flavour. If you love Ginger, you might enjoy this ‘Ginger Tsukudani’. ‘Tsukudani’ is commonly small fish, shellfish, seaweed or vegetables cooked in Mirin, Sugar and Soy Sauce to preserve the ingredients. They are great condiments for freshly cooked rice and tofu, …