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  • Lamb

    My Family’s Lamb Koftas

    Australia produces a lot of lamb meat but lamb meat is quite expensive here. When my children were young and I was trying to prepare good meals inexpensively as we were having a tough time, minced meat was always a good option. I often made lamb skewers with this lamb meat mixture instead of making …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Bread

    Cream Pan (Custard Buns)

    The very first ‘Cream Pan’ (Custard Bun) was made in Tokyo, Japan, more than 100 years ago. So this is Japanese! ‘Cream Pan’ is sweet bread roll filled with custard cream. I loved it when I was a little girl, and, of course, I still love it. I bet you would love it once you …

  • Fish Spaghetti & Pasta Udon

    Tuna Udon

    This is a very simple dish, that can be prepared quickly and cheaply. If you can’t find Udon noodles, why don’t you use Spaghetti? Most stir-fried Udon dishes can be made with Spaghetti. I usually use a small (95g) canned tuna, but you may wish to add more tuna, and extra vegetables. The sauce is …