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  • Chicken Tofu & Soy Protein

    Chicken & Tofu Burgers with Teriyaki Sauce

    I like to eat my ‘Chicken & Tofu Burgers’ with ‘Ponzu’ mixed with grated Daikon Radish and a little bit Chilli, but this ‘Teriyaki Sauce’ is also really good! ‘Teriyaki Sauce’ is usually made with Soy Sauce, Mirin and Sugar. For this dish, I added Rice Vinegar, that makes the sauce next level. Makes 6 …

  • Sweets

    Muscovado Syrup

    This syrup is called ‘Kuromitsu’ (黒みつ) in Japan. It is essential for many Japanese sweets such as ‘Milk Kuzu Mochi’. Japanese black coloured Sugar is almost identical with Muscovado. This syrup can last quite a long time in the fridge. Ingredients 1/2 cup Muscovado (*very dark brown sugar)1/4 cup Hot Water Method Combine Muscovado and …

  • Vegetables

    Spicy ‘Shiso’ Perilla Miso

    Last year, I decided to grow ‘Shiso’ Perilla by myself and bought seeds online. Half-purple type perilla grew so well and Japanese ‘Green Shiso’ is also growing at last. Now I have too many ‘Shiso’ leaves. ‘Shiso Tsukudani’ is a good way to use up many leaves and this is another one, and it is …