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    Edible Chrysanthemum Pesto

    Basil Pesto is so popular and we can buy it from any supermarket stores these days. I love Basil Pesto, but some people, like my parents who are old and not familiar with Mediterranean herbs, find it too overwhelming. Pesto is easy to make at home. By replacing Basil with other herbs or herby veggies, …

  • Chicken Donburi (Rice Bowl) Egg

    ‘Oyako’ Don with Tomato

    ‘Oyako’ Don is one of the dishes I have been repeatedly cooking for my family, because everyone loves it. Do you know that ‘Oyako’ means ‘Parent and Child’ and this dish is called ‘Oyako’ Don because Chicken and Eggs are used. Sometimes I challenge to create a new version of ‘Oyako’ Don. Here is one! …