Archive for August 27th, 2019

  • Cold Sweets

    Super Easy Orange & Chocolate Ice Cream

    I don’t mind to take a shortcut when I make an ice cream dessert. I simply add extra ingredients to a good quality vanilla ice cream. This ‘Orange & Chocolate Ice Cream’ is of course super easy to make, but tastes absolutely amazing. For a weeknight’s quick & easy dessert or to entertain your friends, …

  • Mazegohan Mushrooms

    Asian Mushroom Mazegohan

    I am feeling lucky to have good access to a larger variety of Asian mushrooms in Melbourne these days. Today I cooked another Mazegohan, a dish of cooked rice mixed with separately cooked & seasoned other ingredients, with plenty of mushrooms. If you like my ‘Asian Mushroom Takikomigohan’, you will certainly enjoy this ‘Asian Mushroom …

  • Gyoza Prawn & Shrimp

    Prawn & Garlic Chives Gyoza

    There is a green grocer near my home and they started selling Asian vegetables. Garlic Chives, ‘Nira’ in Japanese, used to be impossible to find, but they are available everyday!!! Garlic Chive are not categorised as herb. Those long, flat, green leaves, often sold in big bunches, are vegetable and I can use them for …