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  • Baked & Fried Rice Egg

    Oyster Sauce Omu-rice (Omelette Rice)

    Japan’s famous Omu-rice (Omelette Rice), fried rice wrapped with thin omelette, is seasoned with Ketchup. For those who don’t enjoy Ketchup, and also who want to try different flavour, I suggest this Oyster Sauce seasoned Omu-rice. Chicken is usually used for Omu-rice, but I use Pork for this one. Makes 1 Serving Ingredients 2 Eggs1/2 …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Cold Sweets Fruit

    Mango Pavlova

    ‘Pavlova’ is a dessert of meringue that is crispy outside and soft inside, topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit. It is one of the iconic foods in Australia. It is now October. The weather is getting warm and more and more fresh fruit are appearing in stores. I used this season’s first Mango for …

  • Pork

    Roasted Pork Belly Marinated in Spare Rib Marinade

    I don’t cook Pork Spare Ribs very often because I don’t like the way we eat them, but I like the flavour of grilled Spare Ribs. I often cook Boneless Lean Pork Belly. Today I marinated it in Spare Rib Marinade. I recommend to cut the Pork Block in half so that Pork gets seasoned …