Archive for March 27th, 2021

  • Beef Curry Vegetables

    Curry Flavoured Stewed Cabbage & Beef Mince

    Are you a fan of Japanese Curry Roux blocks? Those yummy Curry blocks are very versatile. You can easily make a sauce for steaks or roasts. They are great for stews and soups, too. Here is another quick and easy dish you can try with the Curry Roux blocks. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 1/2 Cabbage …

  • Bread

    Frying Pan Plain Flour Bread

    I assume you have all-purpose Plain Flour in your kitchen. I recommend to stock Dry Yeast as well. Then you can make bread like this one any time. And you don’t need the oven. These bread are supposed to be cooked in a frying pan. Makes 4 Pieces Ingredients 2 cups Plain Flour OR Self-Raising …

  • Cold Sweets Fruit

    Strawberry Milk Jelly

    I tried to make ‘Strawberry Milk Jelly’. All recipes that I found required heating Milk and Sugar first, then add Gelatine, and finally add pureed Strawberries. I tried one recipe and I was totally disappointed. Guess what happened when I added pureed Strawberries to the warm milk mixture? Milk curdled because of the acidity of …