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  • Cold Sweets Mochi & Dango Dumplings

    Mochi Ice Cream

    The other day I was asked if one of my sweet Mochi recipes can be used to make Mochi Ice Cream. Soft Sweet Mochi that is called ‘Gyūhi’ (求肥) in Japanese stays soft when cold, but I didn’t know if it stays soft when frozen. It became another project for me to work on. I …

  • Pork

    Pan-fried Marinated Pork Steaks

    Pork Steaks can be marinated in this Chinese inspired sauce very quickly. No need to marinate them for hours. If you don’t have Chinese Five Spice, don’t worry about it. The sauce tastes good without it. Serve with freshly cooked Rice, OR enjoy with chilled Beer. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 4 Pork Steaks *about 500g1 …