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  • Nuts Sweets

    Peanut Brittle

    There are many different Candied Roasted Nuts in the world. Japan has Muscovado Candied Roasted Soy Beans. I am a huge fan of ‘Almond Toffee’. They are dangerous foods, but I love them all. Peanut Brittle is super easy to make and you don’t need special ingredients. Well, some recipes require ingredients that most people …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets

    Simple Yoghurt & Lemon Cake

    Sadly it was the war in Ukraine that introduced me Sunflower Oil. When I started my challenge to cook Ukrainian dishes and cakes, I started using Sunflower Oil and I fell in love with it. I often use it for cakes lately. Sunflower Oil makes the cakes soft and the cakes stay soft when cold. …