Archive for January 23rd, 2023

  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Egg Pork

    Tomato, Pork & Egg Rice Bowl

    Stir-fried Tomato, Pork & Egg is a dish I repeatedly cook. We always eat it with freshly cooked Rice, so I made it into a rice bowl. Sweet ripe Tomatoes in season are the best, but I often use not-so-great Tomatoes for stir-fries. When Tomatoes are sour, a little bit of Sugar improves the flavour. …

  • Cold Sweets

    Mango Agar Jelly

    Since I made Fruit Salad Jelly (Vegetarian), I have been making all sort of Agar (OR Kanten) Jellies, often with fresh Fruit. And this Mango Jelly is my favourite so far. You can set this Mango Agar Jelly in serving glasses OR jelly moulds. Today I used 16cm round cake tin. You can use a …

  • Nuts

    Pistachio Paste

    The other day, I wanted to make Pistachio Ice Cream. To make it, I needed Pistachio Paste. I tried to find it and I was shocked! Have you ever tried to buy Pistachio Paste? It is extremely expensive. So, I decided to make it by myself. I soaked the Kernels in water to soften, so …