• Baked & Fried Sweets Matcha

    Matcha & White Chocolate Cake

    There are many different types of Chocolate Cake in the world. In Japan, one type of chocolate cake that is called ‘Gateau Chocolat’ is very popular and I have my own recipe. I use less sugar and more flour than standard recipes but it works fine for this cake. Makes 18cm Cake Tin Ingredients White …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Beans & Peas Sweets

    Cocoa Butter Beans Roll Cake

    I love the chocolate flavoured butter bean paste that I made for Chocolate Truffles. So I used the paste as filling for this Roll Cake for my health-conscious daughter. You wouldn’t know the filling is canned butter beans. It’s absolutely delicious! Cake Tin Swiss Roll Pan *Large Square Cake Tin can be used Ingredients Sponge4 …

  • Beans & Peas Sweets

    Butter Beans Chocolate Truffles

    Shiro-an made from tinned Butter Beans is a very versatile ingredient for sweets. This Chocolate Truffle recipe is dairy-free and oil-free. You would hardly believe it’s Butter Beans! Add nuts and dry fruit that you like and make your own recipe. Makes 20 balls Ingredients Canned Butter Beans 200g *rinsed and drained well*You get about …

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