• Other Soup

    Creamed Corn & Egg Soup

    Don’t buy instant cup soups. Try to make by yourself and find out it is actually easy to make. This is one of the quickest & easiest soups I know. Yet it is nutritious and surely warms you up. I sometimes add rice to it or pour this soup over rice. So delicious… Makes 4 …

  • Mazegohan Vegetables

    Rice Salad

    It’s easy to make. Add plenty of fresh vegetables in hand and use your favourite salad dressing to season if you like. I always add ‘Edamame’ (young soy beans) for crunchy texture and protein. This can be a perfect complete meal. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients Cooked Rice 500g *Japanese Short Grain Rice (Sushi Rice) recommendedCucumber …

  • Tempura

    ‘Kakiage’ Tempura Corn

    When I make Tempura, I usually make ‘Kakiage Tempura’ to finish off left-over batter with sliced Onion & Carrot. One day I used Frozen Corn, and my family was so excited with the result. ‘Kakiage Tempura Corn’ was simply YUMMY!Using thawed frozen corn that is still COLD makes these ‘Kakiage Corn’ crispy without special Tempura …

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