• Takikomigohan

    Seafood Curry Takikomigohan

    Rice cooker is an essential item in my kitchen. Just place Rice and Other Ingredients with the right amount of Water and Seasoning. Then you can create a variety of rice dishes so easily. When you use Seafood, you need to reduce the amount of Water as a lot of liquid comes out from the …

  • Other Seafood

    Mussels ‘Tsukudani’

    In Okayama where I am from, a type of clam called ‘Mogai’ cooked in Mirin, Sugar and Soy Sauce is a traditional local dish and essential for the New Year celebration. I sometimes miss the dish.Sadly clams are not commonly consumed in Melbourne and hard to find or quite pricey, however mussels are popular and …

  • Other Seafood

    Sweet Chilli Marinated Mussels

    A fish shop in the shopping centre in Ringwood, near my house, sells marinated mussels. I love their Asian flavour but they are very pricey. So I tried to make them by myself using frozen pre-blanched shelled mussel meat. YOU MUST TRY this recipe! I would never purchase the marinated mussels again. It’s so easy …