• Other Seafood

    Mussels ‘Tsukudani’

    In Okayama where I am from, a type of clam called ‘Mogai’ cooked in Mirin, Sugar and Soy Sauce is a traditional local dish and essential for the New Year celebration. I sometimes miss the dish.Sadly clams are not commonly consumed in Melbourne and hard to find or quite pricey, however mussels are popular and …

  • Other Seafood

    Sweet Chilli Marinated Mussels

    A fish shop in the shopping centre in Ringwood, near my house, sells marinated mussels. I love their Asian flavour but they are very pricey. So I tried to make them by myself using frozen pre-blanched shelled mussel meat. YOU MUST TRY this recipe! I would never purchase the marinated mussels again. It’s so easy …