snow peas

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    Snow Peas ‘Tamago Toji’

    ‘Tamago Toji’ is a Japanese cooking method to bind the ingredients cooked in sauce or soup with ‘Tamago’ (Eggs). This method is popularly used. ‘Oyako’ Don is an example. My mother used to cook this dish when Snow Peas were in season. I sat at a little table in her kitchen and helped her remove …

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    Snow Peas, Edamame & Tuna Salad

    I had never eaten uncooked Snow Peas until I tried it in Australia. I instantly fell in love with the Australian juicy Snow Peas. If the Snow Peas in your country need to be cooked, just blanch them as they should be crunchy in this salad. I definitely won’t cook them. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients …