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    Pickled Chrysanthemum Turnips

    ‘Pickled Chrysanthemum Turnips’ is called ‘Kikka Kabu’ (菊花かぶ) in Japan. It is often prepared for the New Year celebration. Small Turnips are prepared and pickled so that they look like Chrysanthemum Flowers. You can use Red Radishes, too. They are just pickled in a simple marinade, but they look pretty, don’t they? Makes 4 Servings …

  • Vegetables

    Pickled Sliced Turnip

    Kyoto, Japan’s old capital city, is famous for temples, shrines, old wooden houses and gardens. It’s also famous for traditional dining and amazing sweets. But, do you know it’s famous for a variety of pickled vegetables? The most famous one is this ‘Pickled Sliced Turnip’ and it’s called ‘Senmai-zuke’, that literally means ‘pickled thousand slices’. …

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    Steamed Savoury Turnip Meringue & Fish

    It’s getting cold in Melbourne. Warm dishes are more enjoyable. I have posted some Japanese winter dish recipes such as ‘Furofuki Daikon’, simmered Daikon radish with sweet miso sauce. I want to introduce another iconic winter dish. It is ‘Steamed Savoury Turnip Meringue’, which tastes a little bit like Wasabi. This dish can be categorised …