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    ‘Chebureki’ Deep-fried Meat Stuffed Pastry

    I heard Ukrainian people’s favourite street food is ‘Chebureki’, Deep-fried Meat Stuffed Pastry. They say any minced Meat can be used. As I heard that Pork is very popular in Ukraine, I decided to use Pork Mince today, though I though Lamb Mince would be really yummy. Anyway, I tried to make everything simple. I …

  • Vegetables

    Ukrainian Cabbage, Peas & Sausage Salad

    This salad is known as ‘Dniester’ Salad in Ukraine. Is that true? Smoked Sausage is used for this salad, but it is impossible for me to find Ukrainian Smoked Sausage. I heard that Polish ‘Kielbasa’ is similar to Ukrainian Smoked Sausage. If you can find ‘Kielbasa’, you may wish to try it. For most Australians, …