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  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Pork Vegetables

    Broccoli, Pork & Egg Rice Bowl

    There are some methods to cook Broccoli. My favourite method is pan-steam-frying, and I have shared quite a few recipes on this website. Boiling and steaming are popular. Another method is simple stir-frying. If you chop up Broccoli into small pieces, it won’t take very long to cook it. Today I cooked Broccoli with Pork. …

  • Chicken Other Soup Vegetables

    Simple Chicken Drumstick Stew

    This stew is super easy to cook and really delicious. It takes at least 1 & 1/2 hours, but you don’t need to do anything really. Just simmer the ingredients until ready. Chicken Drumsticks would be very soft after 1 & 1/2 hours. You may wish to add Noodles such as Ramen Noodles OR Rice …

  • Mazegohan Vegetables

    Choy Sum Rice

    There is a Japanese ‘Mazegohan’ dish called ‘Nappa Gohan’, which is also called ‘Nameshi’ (菜飯). It is a dish of Rice mixed with Green Leafy Vegetable, that can be Daikon Radish leaves OR Turnip leaves. ‘Komatsuna’ is also popularly used. The Green Leafy Vegetable is blanched OR stir-fried, seasoned, and mixed with freshly cooked Rice. …