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  • Chicken Donburi (Rice Bowl)

    Gochujang Chicken Rice Bowl

    As my ‘Gochujang Chicken’ has been very popular among my family and friends, I made it into a rice bowl dish today. This is the recipe for 1 serving. It would be easy to multiply for larger number of servings. You need to add some vegetables. Sautéed leafy vegetable would be perfect, but it can …

  • Vegetables

    ‘Goma-ae’ Wombok Sesame Salad

    ‘Goma-ae’ is a Japanese dish of vegetables dressed with sweet sesame seed sauce. A variety of vegetables are suitable for the dish, but I have found Wombok is tricky. It tend to turn bland. For Wombok, an extra Salt is needed. And I believe Ginger and Sesame Oil improve the flavour. This ‘Goma-ae’ Wombok is …

  • Fruit Steamed & Microwaved Sweets

    Apple Mug Cake

    Mug Cakes are easy to make if you have a microwave. Based on my ‘Instant Mug Cake’ recipe, I made Apple Mug Cake the other day. The result was not satisfactory. I should have peeled the Apple. I used only 1/2 Apple but it was not enough. And the cake was drier than I expected. …