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  • Ramen

    Mock ‘Tonkotsu’ Ramen Soup

    Ramen has become very popular in Melbourne where I live. It seems ‘Tonkotsu’ Ramen is the most popular one. To make the ‘Tonkotsu’ Ramen Soup, you need to boil the Pork Bones for a long time. This Mock ‘Tonkotsu’ Ramen Soup is quick & easy and tastes good. If you use plant-based Stock and Milk, …

  • Mushrooms

    Seasoned Black Fungus

    I believe many of you have seen this black thing. It’s a popular topping for ‘Tonkotsu’ Ramen. You have eaten it with Ramen Noodles wondering what it was. It is a type of mushroom. There are many different names for it. In Australia, it’s called Black Fungus, that doesn’t sound good though. Asian grocery stores …