• Udon

    Zaru Udon

    To enjoy the rubbery resilient ‘al dente’ Udon noodles, the best way is with cold ‘Mentsuyu’ dipping sauce and plenty of ‘Yakumi’ condiments. The best Udon noodles are the frozen type that you can find at Japanese or Asian grocery stores. If you make Udon by yourself, they would be the best. Try my “Home-Made …

  • Beef Udon

    Beef Udon

    Slightly sweet soy flavoured beef mixture on top of cold Udon Noodles. Pour ‘Mentsuyu’ over and enjoy. ‘Mentsuyu’ is a Japanese sauce for cold noodles often used as a dipping sauce, but it can be used as seasoning sauce as well. Find the recipe here. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 4 servings Udon Noodles *frozen type …

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