My children love chilled ‘Zaru Udon’ on a hot summer day. I always keep a bottle of ‘Mentsuyu’ noodle dipping sauce in the fridge, so that anyone can enjoy ‘Zaru Udon’ at any time. On the other day I just wanted to eat something spicy and created this dipping sauce. It was delicious. But my daughter said it had too strong miso flavour, so you should be a little bit cautious about the amount of miso that you use.


2 Servings


Mentsuyu Dipping Sauce 1/4 cup
Toasted Sesame Seeds 1 tablespoon *ground
Miso 1/2 to 1 tablespoon *start with 1/2 tablespoon and check the flavour
Sugar 1 to 2 teaspoons
Grated Ginger 1 teaspoon
Spring Onion 1 *thinly sliced
Fresh Chilli *thinly sliced
Udon Noodles 2 servings *Try my ‘Home-Made Udon’ recipe

  1. Combine all the dipping sauce ingredients and check the flavour. I use 1 tablespoon Miso but you may wish to use less. Some types of miso have stronger flavour.
  2. Note: If you use ready-made Mentsuyu, use it cautiously as they can be concentrated.
  3. Cook Udon Noodles as instructed. DO NOT add salt into the water. The best Udon Noodles are the frozen type that you can find at Japanese or Asian grocery stores. The frozen Udon Noodles are already cooked, so just warm them in the boiling water.
  4. Then drain, rinse well in COLD water, and drain well again.
  5. Enjoy the noodles with the dipping sauce.