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  • Fruit

    Kiwi Fruit Jam

    A few weeks ago, I bought Kiwi Fruit that were on special. Kiwi Fruit were not in season, but they were very cheap. I bought some and it was not a good purchase. They were too sour to eat. I kept them with Apples and Bananas expecting they would get soft and sweet. They became …

  • Cold Sweets Fruit

    Corn Starch Blueberry Milk Jelly

    ‘Corn Starch Milk Jelly’ is very easy to make. You can add a flavour to the Milk, such as Coffee, Matcha, Cocoa, OR Fruit. If you want to add Fruit, there are some methods. Pureed Fruit, Fruit Sauce OR Fruit Jam can be mixed with the Milk. Today I made ‘Microwave Blueberry Sauce’, and used …