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    ‘Mizutaki’ is one of the most popular Nabe (Hot Pot) dishes in Japan. ‘Mizutaki’ means ‘cooked in water’. Chicken and a variety of Vegetables are cooked in water, sometimes with a piece of Kombu (Kelp). However, they are most commonly cooked in Chicken Stock these days. When Chicken and Vegetables are cooked, you may take …

  • Vegetables

    Tomato & Shiso Salad

    If you are lucky to have Shiso (Perilla), try this simple salad. You may wish to add extra ingredients such as Garlic and Chilli. But I believe a simple dressing such as ‘Ponzu’ is the best to enjoy the flavour and fragrance of Shiso. If you make this salad using Basil, add some Garlic. Makes …