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  • Donburi (Rice Bowl) Fish

    Tuna & Kimchi Rice Bowl

    This is another super easy dish that you can make with a small can of Tuna. If you have already cooked Rice, it is super quick and easy as you don’t need to cook anything. Just mix the sauce ingredients and add canned Tuna to the sauce. If you don’t have Kimchi, the Tuna mixture …

  • Beef Pork Vegetables

    ‘Golubtsi’ Stuffed Capsicums

    Several years ago, I received a message form a person, whose name was Asa, about Cabbage Rolls. She wrote that Cabbage Rolls are known as ‘Golubtsi’ in Eastern European region where her family is from, and she introduced me a ‘lazy’ form of ‘Golubtsi’. She kindly gave me her recipe and I have shared it …

  • Bread Fruit

    100% Oats Bread with Apple & Sultana Raisins

    It seems my family members have been enjoying 100% Oats Bread. Today I added Apple and Sultana Raisins, and made it slightly sweeter. The ingredients of this bread are almost identical to the Porridge that I eat for breakfast. Just mix all ingredients and pour into a lined loaf tin, then leave it in a …