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  • Baked & Fried Sweets Fruit

    Sugar Coated Citrus Peel Cookies

    I bought a bag of Mixed Peel for Christmas baking, and there was leftover, as always. I often make scones and cupcakes to use it up. Today I made these cookies. Basically I just added some Mixed Peel to my ‘Easiest Sweet Shortcrust Pastry’, but I replaced a part of Flour with Almond Meal. I …

  • Chicken Dough Vegetables

    Chicken Pot Pie

    It’s January now. In Melbourne where I live, it is summer and supposed to be hot, but it’s been cold last few days. I wanted to cook something warm and comforting today. So, I decided to bake this Chicken Pot Pie. Shortcrust Pastry is not hard to make, but you may prefer using store-bought Pastry. …

  • Azuki (Red Beans)

    Dates & Azuki Paste

    ‘Tsubu-an’, sweet Azuki (Red Bean) paste, is very popular in many Asian countries. As it is sometimes called Azuki Bean Jam, it is made with a lot of Sugar. This ‘Dates & Azuki Paste’ is only sweetened with Dates. You can add some Sugar to make it sweeter, but you wouldn’t need a lot. This …