I bought a bag of Mixed Peel for Christmas baking, and there was leftover, as always. I often make scones and cupcakes to use it up. Today I made these cookies. Basically I just added some Mixed Peel to my ‘Easiest Sweet Shortcrust Pastry’, but I replaced a part of Flour with Almond Meal. I rolled the dough into logs and coated with Raw Sugar, just like ‘Sugar Coated Matcha Cookies’. These cookies are delicious and you would want a nice cup of tea.


22 to 24 Cookies


100g Butter *softened
1/4 cup Caster Sugar
1 Egg Yolk
3/4 cup Plain Flour *plus extra if required
1/2 cup Almond Meal
*Note: Almond Meal is optional. You can use extra 1/4 cup Plain Flour instead of Almond Meal. In that case, you would use 1 cup (250ml) Flour.
1/2 cup chopped Citrus Peel *I used a mix of Lemon Peel & Orange Peel
Coarse granules Sugar for coating

  1. Mix softened Butter and Sugar until smooth. Add Egg Yolk and mix until creamy.
  2. Add Plain Flour and Almond Meal, and mix as you cut the butter mixture into the dry ingredients. Add chopped Citrus Peel and combine evenly, then use your hands to bring the mixture together into dough. *Note: You can add extra 1-2 tablespoons Flour if required.
  3. Place the dough on a sheet of plastic warp, shape into 1 or 2 logs 5cm in diameter, and wrap it. Refrigerate until firm.
  4. When it is firm, remove and discard the plastic wrap, coat the log(s) with coarse Sugar granules, and slice into 1cm thick rounds. Today I made 22 cookies.
  5. Preheat the oven to 160℃. Line a baking tray with baking paper. Place the cut cookie dough on the tray, bake for 20 minutes, and cool on a wire rack.