‘Tsubu-an’, sweet Azuki (Red Bean) paste, is very popular in many Asian countries. As it is sometimes called Azuki Bean Jam, it is made with a lot of Sugar. This ‘Dates & Azuki Paste’ is only sweetened with Dates. You can add some Sugar to make it sweeter, but you wouldn’t need a lot. This is a very natural and healthy alternative.


About 400g


100g (*1/2 cup) Dry Azuki Beans (Red Beans)
100g Pitted Dates *finely OR coarsely chopped
1 pinch Salt
Additional Sugar *optional

  1. Place Azuki Beans in a saucepan and cover with a plenty of water, and bring to the boil. Cook for 10 minutes, then drain and discard the slightly coloured water. This is done to remove the unpleasant bitter taste.
  2. *Note: Soaking the beans in water overnight saves cooking time, but not necessary.
  3. Place the beans back into the saucepan and cover them with plenty of water again, and cook until the beans are soft.
  4. Discard some water, so that the water is just enough to cover the Red Beans. Add chopped Dates and Salt, and cook, mashing slightly, until it gets the desired texture. If you like it sweeter, add some Sugar.
  5. *Note: You can use this paste just like ordinary Sweet Azuki Paste. One of my favourite ways to enjoy it is spreading it on a toast with butter.