• Baked & Fried Rice Prawn & Shrimp

    Prawn Doria

    ‘Doria’ is a rice dish. Early 20th century in Japan, a Swiss chef created this dish for the first time. Butter rice or pilaff is covered with white sauce and grated parmesan cheese, then baked in the oven. ‘Doria’ is very popular in Japan. I cooked this Prawn Doria using left over prawns (and lobster) …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Nuts Sweets

    Chestnut Manjū

    ‘Manjū’ is one of traditional Japanese sweets.  There are many different types of ‘Manjū’. Every region seems to have its own local specialty ‘Manjū’. My home town has its own popular ‘Manjū’ and I miss it.  It is quite a challenge to make Japanese sweets in Australia because the ingredients are hard to find. This …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Beans & Peas

    Kinako Biscuits

    I attempted to make ‘Kinako‘ (finely ground roasted soy beans) at home by toasting dry raw soy beans and grinding them, but my electric grinder didn’t make very fine powder. Then I tried to make biscuits using the ground soy beans. The result was fantastic! The texture is similar to shortbread which is slightly dry …

  • Healthy

    Granola (Oven-baked Muesli)

    Since I discovered that store bought Granola often contains quite a lot of sugar, I started making this Granola (Oven-baked Muesli) by myself. The ingredients are almost identical with my Muesli Bar ingredients. Basically sweetness comes from ripe bananas and dried fruit. This Granola is so good with my fresh home-made yogurt. Ingredients 5 to …

  • Lamb

    Lamb & Spinach Pie

    In the evening after a busy day, I could only think of easy stirfry for dinner but I had only lamb mice. Lamb mince stir-fry? Serve with what? So I wrapped the stir-fried lamb with frozen pastry sheets and baked them while I was making salad. Wow! Look at the result. Makes 2 Pies Ingredients …

  • Baked & Fried Sweets Sweets

    Sachi’s Coconut Cookies

    This is my daughter Sachi’s recipe. To be precise, this is the recipe that she learned at her school. I loved these cookies, so I asked her to write down the recipe in my recipe book, which will belong to her one day. There are many Coconut Cookie recipes out there, but I think this …

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