• Harusame & Rice Noodles Healthy

    No-Calorie Kanten Water Jelly

    There is a food called ‘Tokoroten’ in Japan. It’s a firm jelly made from sea plants, very similar to Kanten that is a popular gelling agent. The Japanese have been eating ‘Tokoroten’ over a thousand years and it is still popular. Some people eat it as a sweet snack with Muscovado Syrup, but I like …

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    Granola (Oven-baked Muesli)

    Since I discovered that store bought Granola often contains quite a lot of sugar, I started making this Granola (Oven-baked Muesli) by myself. The ingredients are almost identical with my Muesli Bar ingredients. Basically sweetness comes from ripe bananas and dried fruit. This Granola is so good with my fresh home-made yogurt. Ingredients 5 to …

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    No Sugar Muesli Bars

    My daughter is interested in healthy eating. I have learned a lot of healthy recipes from her. This is one of them. I found it not sweet enough at first, but now I think this is just right. No sugar, no butter, full of amazing nutrients! Makes 20 bars or more*I use 25 x 38cm …