There is a food called ‘Tokoroten’ in Japan. It’s a firm jelly made from sea plants, very similar to Kanten that is a popular gelling agent. The Japanese have been eating ‘Tokoroten’ over a thousand years and it is still popular. Some people eat it as a sweet snack with Muscovado Syrup, but I like to eat it as a savoury snack with Ponzu. This is a mock ‘Tokoroten’ that can be made with Kanten Powder (OR Agar Agar Powder). It doesn’t contain minerals like ‘Tokoroten’, but it has very similar texture. One serving of this Jelly with Ponzu contains almost no calories.


2 Servings


1 sachet (4g) Kanten Powder OR 4g (1 & 1/4 teaspoons) Agar Agar Powder
400ml Water
Ponzu & Toasted Sesame Seeds to serve
*Note: You can add Mustard, Chilli, Nori, etc.

  1. Combine Water and Kanten Powder (OR Agar Agar Powder) in a saucepan and Bring to the boil, stirring occasionally. Simmer for 1 minute and remove from heat.
  2. Cool slightly, but do not leave it for too long because Kanten Jelly sets at room temperature. Pour into a container OR square cake tin. When cool enough, leave it in the fridge until firmly set.
  3. Cut Kanten Jelly into noodles OR cubes. Enjoy with Ponzu and some Toasted Sesame Seeds.