’Kanten’ is a Japanese gelling agent that is used for setting liquid to make gelatinous dessert. Similar to Agar Agar, ‘Kanten’ is made from sea plants and it contains almost no calories as it is 80% dietary fibre. You can make very low-calorie jelly by mixing ‘Kanten’ with Vegetable & Fruit Juice such as V8 Juice.

This jelly can be nutritious and a good source of dietary fibre. I have found that this jelly is helpful when I try to lose weight, because I can eat it without worrying about calories. When I eat it before dinner time, I feel full and satisfied with a smaller amount of dinner. And its dietary fibre prevents constipation.

‘Kanten’ Powder is available from Japanese grocery stores, but it might be hard to find for you. You can use Agar Agar. ‘Golden Cup’ brand Agar Agar Powder is available from most Asian grocery stores, and I believe it is almost same as ‘Kanten’.


4 Servings


600ml 100% Vegetable & Fruit Juice of your choice
*Note: If the Juice is thick (e.g. Tomato Juice), replace a part of it with Water, e.g. 200ml Water and 400ml Juice
1 sachet (4g) Kanten Powder *OR 4g (1 & 1/4 teaspoons) Agar Agar Powder
*Note: You can reduce the amount to 2g for softer jelly
*Note: This is ‘Kanten’ Powder that is available from Japanese grocery stores

*Note: ‘Golden Cup’ brand Agar Agar Powder is available from most Asian grocery stores

Low-Calorie Sweetener *if you want more sweetness

  1. Place 200ml Juice (OR Water if Juice is thick) and Kanten Powder (OR Agar Agar Powder) in a saucepan, mix well, and bring to the boil, stirring frequently. Once boiling, lower the heat and simmer for 1 minute.
  2. Gradually add 400ml Juice, constantly stirring, and remove from heat. Add Sweetener if required, and mix well.
  3. Cool slightly, but do not leave it for too long because Kanten Jelly sets at room temperature. Pour it into serving glasses OR jelly moulds, then cool in the fridge to set.