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    Fish Finger Tacos

    The other day, I saw a photo of Fish Tacos on a Facebook page. It looked so good and I wanted to eat it, but I had no energy and motivation to cook Fried Crumbed Fish. When my children were young and I was a very busy mum, I never cooked Fried Crumbed Fish. I …

  • Dips & Spreads

    Jalapeño & Peanut Miso Dip

    When I had just 1 Jalapeño and didn’t know what to use it for, I chopped it up and added to my Miso Sauce. I decided to use the Miso Sauce for cucumber salad, so I added Vinegar and some Peanuts. A little bit of Garlic as well. Then I added Pickled Jalapeño. The Miso …

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    Lime & Jalapeño

    There is a condiment called ‘Yuzukosho’ in Japan. It is made with zest of Yuzu, Japanese Green Chilli and Salt. Fresh Yuzu and Japanese Green Chilli are impossible to find where I live. I have been growing a Yuzu tree, but I don’t know when I can harvest any fruit. Here is a substitute for …