• Sweets

    Basic Syrup

    Some dessert recipes require Syrup as an ingredient. Basic Syrup is really easy to make. Heat a same amount of Sugar and Water until Sugar is completely dissolved. Of course you can make it in a microwave. Ingredients 1/2 cup Water1/2 cup Caster Sugar Method Place Water in a small saucepan and bring it to …

  • Sweets

    Muscovado Syrup

    This syrup is called ‘Kuromitsu’ (黒みつ) in Japan. It is essential for many Japanese sweets such as ‘Milk Kuzu Mochi’. Japanese black coloured Sugar is almost identical with Muscovado. This syrup can last quite a long time in the fridge. Ingredients 1/2 cup Muscovado (*very dark brown sugar)1/4 cup Hot Water Method Combine Muscovado and …