• Clear Soup Egg Mushrooms

    Egg & Enoki Soup

    Egg Soup is everyone’s favourite. When you add whisked Egg into hot soup, Egg is instantly cooked and comes up to the surface. However, if the soup is slightly thickened with a small amount of Starch, the Egg floats in the soup evenly. In Japan, this type of Clear Soup with Egg is called ‘Kakitama-jiru’. …

  • Mushrooms

    ‘Nametake’ Enoki

    ‘Nametake’ is sweet soy sauce flavoured cooked Enoki which has gelatinous slimy texture. It is sold in jars and quite popular in Japan as a condiment for Rice. It is also good with Tofu, or ’Otsumami’ that means something you eat with alcoholic drinks. I always find shop-bought ‘Nametake’ too sweet. I don’t add Sugar …

  • Mushrooms Other Seafood Takikomigohan

    Scallops Enoki Takikomigohan

    I am very fond of ‘Takikomigohan’ which is seasoned rice cooked with vegetables, mushrooms, seafood or chicken. As you can find quite a few recipes of ‘Takikomigohan’ on this site, I cook them often. Here is another one. I always use less-expensive frozen small scallops for this dish, but large good quality ones are just …

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