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    Coriander Salad Dressing

    This delicious Salad Dressing can be enjoyed by coriander lovers only. Do not encourage coriander haters to try it, because they have particular receptors that find coriander tastes like soap. They taste coriander differently and don’t enjoy it. I am lucky that I can taste Coriander beautifully refreshing. Makes 4 Servings Dressing Ingredients 2 to …

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    Thai Tomato Salad

    When I cook Thai Curry for dinner, I want to serve with a Thai salad. However, some of my family members are ‘Coriander Haters’. There is nothing I can do because their taste perception is different. They have particular receptors that find coriander tastes like soap. I strongly believe that coriander is the essential ingredient …

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    Fresh Tomato Salsa

    This is a super-quick & easy Fresh Tomato Salsa to enjoy with corn chips or flat bread. It’s great as a side dish as well. By mixing it with cooked seafood, you can make a delightful platter instantly. I have just one crucial advice for you. Make sure you taste the fresh chilli before adding …

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    Spinach & Coriander Curry

    Using the same method of caramelising the onions quickly for ‘French Onion Soup’ and frozen Spinach, you can make this curry very easily. If you don’t enjoy Coriander, just add more Spinach or other green vegetables such as Kale. The green beans in the photo are Edamame (young soy beans) for the crunchy texture. You …

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