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    Mango Jelly Dessert

    Australia is a lucky country regarding the fresh food. We have amazing variety of fresh Fruit and Vegetables available all year round. Now it’s Christmas time and delicious Mangos are in season. Try this simple jelly dessert when fresh mangos are available. The jelly sets softly, so individual serves would be the best. Makes 4 …

  • Cold Sweets

    Cream Cheese & Yoghurt Jelly

    To make this dessert, I bought a Tupperware jelly mould and it was before my first child was born. So, this recipe is older than my son. The amount of Sugar is up to your preference, but it shouldn’t be too sweet. Fruit can be any fruit that can go well with cream cheese flavour. …

  • Cold Sweets

    Basic Jelly

    Gelatin, Kanten and Agar Agar are the most common gelling agents used for setting liquid to make gelatinous dessert. Gelatin is made from pork skins, cattle bones or hides. Kanten (Japanese) and Agar Agar (Malay) are made from sea plants. Kanten and Agar Agar are different. The textures of the jellies they make are quite …

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