bamboo shoot

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    Scrumptious Tofu & Vegetable Miso in Lettuce Cups

    This dish is very popular in Japan and the miso mixture is usually made with Pork Mince. I made this Vegetarian (Vegan) version for my Vegan friends. By adding a variety of ingredients, you can create a great flavour. If you ran out of Lettuce, you can enjoy it with freshly cooked rice, too. Makes …

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    Braised Bamboo Shoots

    ‘Menma’ is made from fermented Bamboo Shoots and it is a very popular topping for Ramen Noodle Soups. However, it is tricky to make ‘Menma’ at home as it involves drying and fermentation processes. But this ‘Braised Bamboo Shoots’ tastes quite similar to ‘Menma’ and it is so easy to make. Use Canned Bamboo Shoots …