There is a Chinese stir-fry dish of Beef, Capsicum and Bamboo Shoot. This is my Chicken version of it. Thinly sliced Chicken Breast is best suitable for this stir-fry. Bamboo Shoot is essential. Canned Bamboo Shoot is available from Asian Grocery stores and many supermarket stores. It doesn’t take long to cook thinly sliced Chicken Breast and Capsicum. Canned Bamboo Shoot is already cooked. When you cook a stir-fry dish, you must prepare everything before you start cooking.


2 Servings


250g Chicken Breast Fillet
Salt & White Pepper
1 teaspoon Sake (Rice Wine)
1 teaspoon Potato Starch
1 Green Capsicum *cut into thin strips in the size that is easy to eat
1 can (225g) Bamboo Shoot *I had 95g after drain, cut into thin strips
1 tablespoon Oil *I used Sunflower Oil

1 small piece Ginger *grated
1 tablespoon Sugar
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 tablespoon Oyster Sauce
1 tablespoon Sake (Rice Wine)
1/2 teaspoon Sesame Oil

  1. Thinly slice Chicken Breast Fillet, season with Salt & White Pepper, sprinkle with Sake (Rice Wine) and Potato Starch, mix and massage, and set aside.
  2. Prepare Vegetables. Drain canned Bamboo Shoot, rinse, then drain well. It is already sliced, but I cut the slices into thin strips.
  3. Combine all the Sauce ingredients in a small bowl. Prepare everything before you start cooking.
  4. Heat Oil in a large frying pan OR wok over high heat, cook Chicken. Add Capsicum and Bamboo Shoot, and stir-fry until Capsicum is cooked.
  5. Add the sauce and stir to combine. Serve with freshly cooked Rice.