• Baked & Fried Rice

    Pickled Ginger & Pork Fried Rice

    Sweet and sour flavour of Pickled Sliced Ginger (aka Sushi Ginger) goes well with oily Pork. But you can replace Pork with Chicken or Beef. I like topping with extra Pickled Ginger. If you like spicy food, you may wish to add Chilli, but too much chilli would spoil the delicate flavour of Pickled Ginger. …

  • Mazegohan

    Pickled Ginger & Shiso Mazegohan

    Pickled sliced ginger, commonly called ‘Gari’ or ‘Amazu Shoga’ in Japanese, is often served with Sushi. I bought a bag of ‘Pickled Sliced Ginger’ when I made Sushi to entertain friends, but there was a lot of leftover. Do you also have any leftover ‘Pickled Ginger’?Basically it is young ginger thinly sliced, salted, and pickled …

  • Other Soup

    Ginger Egg & Enoki Soup

    On a wet and cold day, everyone would appreciate hot soup. Today I wanted an Asian flavoured egg soup. The very ordinary chicken stock can instantly turn into Asian when fresh Ginger and Spring Onion are added. I used Enoki and Black Fungus, but naturally you can use any vegetables. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients 4 …

  • Vegetables

    Ginger Tsukudani

    I use fresh Ginger for cooking very often. I love its hot & spicy flavour. If you love Ginger, you might enjoy this ‘Ginger Tsukudani’. ‘Tsukudani’ is commonly small fish, shellfish, seaweed or vegetables cooked in Mirin, Sugar and Soy Sauce to preserve the ingredients. They are great condiments for freshly cooked rice and tofu, …

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