• Shirataki & Itokonnyaku

    Low-Calorie Cabbage & Shirataki Soup

    ‘Shirataki’ is Konjac Noodles that has almost no calories. Cabbage is a popular vegetable to eat when you try to lose weight. Protein is important, so I added Boiled Egg. This soup is a healthy version of Ramen Soup, and definitely low in calories. You can add other vegetables to make this soup more nutritious. …

  • Potato

    ‘Kimpira’ Konnyaku (Konjac)

    Konnyaku (Konjac) is becoming well known as a low-calorie food. My grandmother used to make Konnyaku herself. Her Konnyaku were round balls, and freshly boiled Konnyaku were so delicious. Most Asian grocery stores sell rectangular Konnyaku blocks. I use it to make this Kimpira, and every time I cook this dish, I think about my …

  • Shirataki & Itokonnyaku Tofu

    Shirataki & Atsu-age (Deep Fried Tofu)

    ‘Konnyaku’ is a jelly-like food made from a type of potato called ‘Konnyaku (Konjac)’ and noodle type is called ‘Shirataki’ or ‘Itokonnyaku’. They are extremely low in calories and available from not only Asian grocers but also most supermarkets. Find Lo-Cal Noodles, and if they are made from Konjac root, they are the same thing. Makes …