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    Almond Snowballs

    I wanted to make ‘Kinako Biscuits’ today but I didn’t have enough ‘Kinako’ which is the finely ground roasted soybean. I used roasted almonds instead. Using the food chopper, I ground the almonds. I added some coarsely chopped almonds as well. I rolled the baked biscuits in icing sugar to coat them. The result was …

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    Cocoa Sugar Almonds

    When I had craving for chocolate on the other day, I made these cocoa sugar coated almonds using my ‘Cinnamon Sugar Almonds’ recipe. I used cocoa powder instead of cinnamon and the result was successful. I might be able to create other flavours such as Spicy Chilli. Ingredients Almonds 1 to 1 & 1/2 cups …

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    Cinnamon Sugar Almonds

    These sugar coated almonds are often called ‘Candied Almonds’ but I call them ‘Cinnamon Sugar Almonds’. The sugar or spice coated almonds are so expensive to buy. If once you learn how to make them, you never buy them from stores because it is easy to make. I use roasted almonds for crunchy texture but …

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