I often use Marzipan (Almond Paste) as filling for cake and tart. Store-bought Marzipan contains unwanted ingredients such as preservatives. Marzipan is extremely easy to make at home. I use Milk but Water can be used. If you use Fruit & Berry juice, or other natural ingredients such as Coffee and Matcha, you can create naturally colourful Marzipan for cake decoration.


About 250g


1 cup (about 100g) Almond Meal
1 cup (about 120g) Icing Sugar (Powdered Sugar)
2 tablespoons Milk *You can use Water instead

  1. Store-bought Almond Meals is sometimes too coarse for the Marzipan to use for decoration. Choose finely ground Almond Meal, OR grind or process until fine. If you use it as a filling, it’s not the issue.
  2. Combine Almond Meal and Icing Sugar in a bowl.
  3. Add 2 tablespoons (OR slightly less) Milk and mix well, then knead until required texture is achieved. If it is too wet, add extra Almond Meal. If too dry, add a very small amount Milk. *Note: 1 tablespoon is 15ml.
  4. To make it softer, simply add more Milk.