This is literally frozen Yoghurt. How simple is that! I assume you have an ice tray. Place some Nuts and Dried Fruit in the tray, fill up with Yoghurt and freeze. Make them into a mouthful size. This can be a great snack.


14 Pieces


1/2 cup Greek Yoghurt
1/2 to 1 tablespoons Caster Sugar OR Honey *optional
Nuts *e.g. Almonds, Pistachio, etc.
Dried Fruit *e.g. Sultanas, Raisins, Cranberries, Apricot, Pineapple, etc.

  1. Coarsely chop up Nuts and Dried Fruit if they are large. Place in an ice tray or silicone mould.
  2. Mix Yoghurt and Caster Sugar, and spoon the mixture into the ice tray. Gently drop it on the bench several times to remove bubbles. Freeze until firm.