• Dips & Spreads

    Scrumptious Chilli Paste

    This paste is delicious with freshly cooked Rice, cold or hot Tofu, or as a topping for Noodles. You can add it to your dipping sauces, or enjoy with fresh Vegetables such as Carrot or Cucumber. As I cannot tolerate very hot Chilli, I used fairly mild Cayenne Pepper, and the flavour was just scrumptious. …

  • Potato Tofu & Soy Protein Vegetables

    Vegan Cottage Pie

    Since my discovery of Dry Soy Meat (Mince Type) at a local Asian grocery store, I have been cooking mince dishes replacing the mince with Soy Meat. The texture of Soy Meat is very similar to meat mince, and this Cottage Pie seems to be quite satisfying even for meat lovers. Makes 4 Servings Ingredients …

  • Takikomigohan

    Chicken, Garlic & Tomato Takikomigohan

    I often stir-fry Tomatoes with Garlic and season with Soy Sauce. I add Tofu or Eggs to it. That simple stir-fry dish is one of my family’s favourite dishes and it inspired me to cook this rice dish. As it was too tricky to cook Tofu or Eggs with rice, I added Chicken. The result …

  • Potato Vegetables

    Quick & Cheesy Broccoli Potato

    I saw a lovely looking dish of roasted Broccoli and Potatoes that were mixed with Garlic and Anchovy. Sounds really good, doesn’t it? But, I didn’t want to use the oven. If it is just Broccoli, I would cook it in a frying pan. But I needed to cook Potatoes as well. So, I boiled …

  • Mushrooms

    Ponzu Shiitake

    This is a very simple dish of fried Shiitake. My mother used to grill them, but I deep-fry them. Of course you can shallow-fry them using a frying pan. I like adding more flavours to Ponzu, but they are all optional. You can use Ponzu only. Makes 3 to 4 Servings Ingredients 200g Shiitake MushroomsOil …

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